PALEO DIET – Should I go for it?


Being a Nutritionist, I am frequently asked by various health-watchers about FAD diets, crash diets and whether to opt for a change over to an entirely different diet plan. And one frequently asked question is about Paleo diet. Hence, today we would explore the do’s and don’ts and the Pros and Cons of this diet so as to throw light on better understanding for practical implementation of the Paleo diet in the Indian scenario.. You are what you eat – Know More


Dr.Sharmatha Kumar

Summer in Chennai is a time when our shadows are brightly lit by sun rays. The human skin undergoes a vast spectrum of changes when exposed to the sun’s rays. The chronic damage it causes to the skin, manifest on the skin as photo ageing. A classic example being the difference between an individual’s skin on a sun exposed area (hands) and the skin on the covered area (abdomen). The acute damage that the sun causes on the skin is Know More

AHPI Nursing Excellence Award


We are extremely proud to announce that SIMS Hospital has been facilitated with a prestigious award for Nursing Excellence at the AHPI’s Global Conclave at ITC Chola, Chennai, on 10 February 2017. Association of Healthcare Providers of India (AHPI) is a representative body of Healthcare Organizations in India, which recognizes and celebrates the excellence achieved in various fields of the healthcare industry. Two senior assessors, Dr. Thuppil Venkatesh and Dr. Annabel D’Souza Sekar, inspected our hospital for 25 objective elements Know More

Partial Knee Replacement

Dr.Vijay Bose

A young 52-year-old mother who had treatment for breast cancer earlier presented with severe right knee pain limiting her daily activities. The pain was confined to the inner aspect of her knee joint. The x-ray examination showed severely damaged cartilage on the medial (inner) compartment alone. The knee has 3 compartments and the other two compartments were pristine. She was treated with conservative methods and intraarticular injections, but this did not work as there was no cartilage remaining in the Know More