A Note of appreciation from Ms. Roxana

Dear Dr. Vijay Bose,

I deeply wish you are fine. Two months after surgery, I want to thank you for all the good you did on me. Hip surgery has restored quality of life, the joy of walking without difficulty nor pain, enjoy my granddaughter and play with her without pain among many other every daily life things that makes us rejoice, but we usually take them for granted without acknowledging their great value, until we meet some physical limitation, as I did.

Since day 1 after surgery to this day, I have had no pain and I sleep without discomfort. The way you can help people with your hands, knowledge and expertise is a gift, a blessing from God and you should feel proud because of it.

I also want to congratulate you and say thanks, because you could be charging your patients much higher for surgeries, as other doctors do around the world, but you and your team give care to us making one feel confident in your true commitment and interest to see us healing and getting better, taking care of your patients with love. Should that be the attitude of many other health professionals and we will be much better off.

Thank you, doctor. I pray for you to have a life full of blessings and great success. I would be glad if I can be of any help for you in the future. God bless you,

Kind regards,
Roxana Rodríguez Cascante
Costa Rica. América Central.