SIMS Knee School

Institute of Orthopaedics at SIMS Hospital, also known as AJRI (Asian Joint Reconstruction Institute) attracts patients from across the globe for the high-end treatment options that the team of experienced senior consultants offer.


Less than 10% of people with arthritic knee pain need Total Knee Replacement. An equal number can be managed effectively with partial knee replacement, the vast majority only requiring non-surgical treatment.


With the launch of the SIMS Knee school at SIMS Hospital options for scientific, evidence based, result oriented non-operative therapy for knee arthritis become accessible to all those who suffer with knee pain.


The new therapy option revolves around

  • Patient being evaluated accurately for non-surgical evidence based therapy for knee pain treatment; and
  • Patient education and group therapy, which will form an integral element of the knee school.

Our expert team of rehabilitation specialist, occupational therapists, dieticians work in tandem to develop individualised plans to maximize recovery of patients with disabling knee pain.



Knee school
Knee school