Master Gopalakrishnan – I was admitted with very high temperature under Dr. Eswar Raja T. At the time of admission I was reluctant to be admitted in General ward. My total impression changed when I was admitted in the Paediatric general ward. The toilets and the ward were clean and well maintained. I would like to thank the Doctors and Nurses who took care of me really well.

Thank you SIMS for all the support and help extended to me during my stay at SIMS Hospital.


Mr. S Shankar – I sincerely congratulate the great “teamwork” of this hospital. Oh! What a family touch with the staff! I never felt that I have undergone a major surgery, that much of comfort. Every nursing sister has dedicated her life for the love and care of her patients. My pranams and great prayers for each and every staff of this great “SIMS” Hospital.

With much love and respect.


Mr. Dolly Rosenthal (Father of Master Dhelanraj Paul) – We wish to thank you and all the hospital staff  who have helped us throughout the ordeal. Coming from a foreign country, it’s a blessing to have known you all. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.


Mr. A Sreeman Narayanan – We offer our heartfelt thanks to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) team of SIMS Hospital. Our baby boy born pre term in 33 weeks has recovered well due to the tireless efforts and extraordinary commitment of the NICU team.

We would like to thank especially Dr Padmapriya, Dr Eswar Raja and all the other specialists for making this possible. Our thanks are also due to the team of staff nurses of this unit who displayed professionalism and dedication in helping our baby to pick up strength and recover.

Last, but not least, we would also like to thank the support staff who kept an eye on the premises, making it spic and span round the clock.


Mr. Anbalagan (Father of baby of Sivashree) – Thank you for your support and care for my baby over the last 70 days at NICU. There were times when I lost my confidence about my baby’s chances for survival; but every time I came to the hospital and stepped into NICU, the doctors and nurses spoke to me reassuringly, building my confidence and raising my hopes about my baby’s recovery.

My sincere thanks to Dr Eswar Raja and Dr Padmapriya for raising my confidence level when family members had failed to sustain me in the face of a hopeless situation. But the doctors continued to speak to me, giving me hope that the child had every chance to improve, and to be patient and wait. At the same the time the nursing team comprising of Ms Ananthapriya, Ms Nancy, Ms Giffy, Ms Karpagavalli, Ms Pondeshwari, Ms Dilli Rani, Ms Devi, Ms Dhanalakshmi and Ms Muthumani continued to give care and attention to my baby.

I want your attention and care in the future as well for my baby even after it becomes normal. My sincere thanks to all of you for all your help and care.

Keep on the good service at SIMS and serve the society.

Once again, thank you all for your support.